Diagnostic tests for lumbar compression fracture

Diagnostic tests for lumbar compression fracture

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After taking history of pain development and on the basis of physical examination, clinicians recommend various kinds of diagnostic tests. These tests are necessary to reach to root cause and extent of damage to bone and/or nerves in patients suffering from lumbar compression fracture. These diagnostic tests include X-ray to verify decrease in height of space between discs, bone spurs, nerve bundle sclerosis (hardening), facet hypertrophy (enlargement), infections and suspected fractures. Using magnetic and radio waves, MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Lumber compression fracture can be assessed. CAT scan like X-ray and MRI can show both bones and soft tissues.

These diagnostic tests should be conducted by skilled persons at reliable pain management clinic. At Specialist Pain International (SPI), we have ultra modern newer open MRI machines that are more comfortable for patients who experience claustrophobia.

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