Osteoporosis: What Is It, Who Does It Affect?

Osteoporosis: What Is It, Who Does It Affect?

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Osteoporosis, which is sometimes considered a disease that affects only older women, is not true, can begin to affect people at a very young age, and also affects 20% of men in a very serious way.

Unlike osteoarthritis, which can be very painful, osteoporosis has no obvious symptoms and is often referred to as a “silent thief” because it feels nothing, simply steals the strength of the bones without knowing it.

What is osteoporosis? Often referred to as thinning bones, the word “osteoporosis”, which actually translates, means “porous bones,” and this refers to a deterioration in bone quality and density, which leads to frailty and weakness, with an increased risk of bone fracture.
The most common places for a fracture are the joints of the hip, wrist, pelvis, spine and arms.

Bone density is deteriorating at a very low speed, probably since the mid-twenties.

The condition can remain undetected until a serious fracture occurs. What causes this is usually due to the fact that the bones lose more calcium than they deposit, as well as extracting more money from a bank than it enters into your account. As you age, the deterioration deteriorates or increases, the outer layer of your bones weakens and the interior develops large holes, the condition is more difficult to repair, the worse it becomes, there are medications that can slow the deterioration and, times, vice versa. The condition can osteoporosis be cured, but it can certainly be controlled, modern medicines can be very effective for many people.

The most important thing you can do is to verify the density of the bone mineral density, while you are still well and read the density levels well, you should think about good nutrition, eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, and last but not least Important Increase the activity of the exercises, these three things will help you maintain your strength in the bones and reduce your chances of becoming another victim of osteoporosis.

I hope some of you who read this pay attention to the three things you can do before, and not later, the sooner you think about what you consume, the better it will be for you in the long term, some experts. If you think poor food and junk food are actually “calcium thieves”, you can help yourself cissus quadrangularis reviews; If you really want it, make the most of good quality food.

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